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Yarm Computers PC MOT & Tune Up

What is it?

Our Advanced PC MOT & Tune-UP is designed to optimise your home desktop or laptops performance and as a result - improve your overall productivity. It takes 18 steps to make your system respond faster by at least 10% however the majority of our clients have seen improvements of up to 40%

When do I need it?

If you have noticed recently that your PC has been a lot slower than usual then we strongly advise letting us take a look at it.

How does it work?

Bring your computer into our office and we will carry out a comprehensive 18 step Health Check & Tune-Up of your computers software and hardware to find and fix any issue within 72 hours.

  1. Check space available on HDD (hard drive)
  2. Check HDD for physical & logical faults
  3. Check RAM memory usage /upgrade availability
  4. Check RAM memory for physical & logical faults
  5. Clean all internal fans and power supply from dust
  6. Remove all unused temporary files
  7. Remove Internet cache, cookies
  8. Clean & optimise Windows Registry
  9. Optimize start up programs
  10. Download & install latest Windows Updates
  11. Check if Windows Is Set To ‘Update Automatically’
  12. Download & install latest system drivers
  13. Full Virus, Malware and Spyware scan & removal
  14. Full Antivirus scan using our recommended software
  15. Full HDD defragmentation
  16. Update Web Browser and other commonly used software
  17. Optimise Internet Explorer remove unused & annoying toolbars
  18. Measure your system performance before and after to show you how your PC’s performance has improved

After the PC MOT & Tune-Up

  • Your computer will be faster
  • Web pages will load quicker
  • Files will open without delay
  • You will have a more stable and responsive system

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