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Does RAM speed up your machine?

I would say that at least 3 times a week I get someone asking to buy RAM so it will speed up their machine because it runs slow and Fred next door said it would make it faster... But does it actually? 

No, it doesn't, what in fact it does is allows your computer to run at its full potential for longer. There are many components that contribute to the speed of your machine, Processor, Hard Drive (having a high RPM or if it is a SSD), Motherboard, cabling etc... And yes, having a higher spec RAM module could help but not in the way most people expect it to.

In the simplest way, your RAM acts like an address book marking locations of files stored on your hard drive. The first time you open internet explorer it will take a few moments to load, then when you close it down and come to open it a second time, it is always be that little bit quicker. This is because the location of the browser has been stored. But your RAM has a limit for how many locations it can store, once it reaches this limit that's when your PC slows down due to lack of RAM.

If you have 2GB RAM in your PC and you use that PC for several hours, it is highly likely that it is going to slow down. So upping your capacity to 4GB will 'speed your PC up', But in reality you are just allowing your PC to run at full capacity for longer.

A basic admin PC usually would not require more than 4GB RAM, but that would depend on how RAM hungry the software you are running is. If you have any questions or want any advise, feel free to send me a message or visit www.yc.uk.com and talk to one of our team live.

Stuart Coupland | BDM
YC Business Solutions
01642 792567 

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