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More than ever our lives are digital, the last 10 years have seen the gradual decline in lots of things; keeping photographs in albums is largely becoming a thing of the past. They are downloaded onto laptops or even in some cases kept purely on smart phones. Documents, expenses, other documents are often exclusively stored in a digital format. This brings with it many dangers, Laptops and computers are on the whole now very reliable and we see every week people who take them functioning forever for granted.

As we become more dependent upon our home computers, we are ever more dependent about being able to recover the data, should the worst occur. A hard disk failure, fire, theft can be devastating to families as photographs are lost that may only exist on that hard disk.

There is also an ever increasing risk of Viruses, Malware or ransomeware destroying priceless personal memories and data is now very common. This year alone there have been a number of attacks released onto the internet that simply encrypt or scramble your data, making it costly at best to retrieve.

The biggest challenge to home users is that we are all living busier and more hectic lives, having the time to think about backing your data up to a 2nd hard drive is a nice idea but in our experience it often doesn’t happen.

The answer? Automatic online backup services that backup your data every time your computer is turned on and connected to the internet are a great solution. This has often been only affordable to businesses, however this is no longer the case. We have invested heavily in this technology over the last 10 years and we currently backup the data for hundreds of companies all over the UK. The good news is that we are now offering our BackupAssure service to home users.

From as little as £29.95 per year our software will backup files to our cloud servers automatically every day. Backup all your photos, documents, music and video files with our simple to use solution.

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact the team on 01642 786922

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